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Request on behalf of a single-parent family

Shalom Everyone,

I have a special request on behalf of a single-parent family we assist.  Two children live with their father who is a disabled veteran of the IDF special forces.  Since he is 100% disabled, he cannot work.  His monthly disability payments are only enough to cover rent.  He cannot afford to buy groceries for his children.

This is one of many single-father households that fall between the cracks of Israeli welfare.  Single mothers in the exact same situation receive monthly alimony, food stipends, clothing allowances and discounts in addition to their disability payments.  In 2011 the Love for Israel Relief Fund has been trying to help disabled single fathers like this man secure the same resources as disabled single mothers for their children.  To date we have not been successful.

The Love for Israel Relief Fund believes all children have a right to eat healthy meals every day – regardless of their single-parent’s gender.  Therefore, I am sending a special appeal on behalf of this needy family.  I would like to secure $250 per month in grocery vouchers for them.  These vouchers can only be used at select grocery stores to buy household goods – ensuring the donated funds get used as intended.

If you wish to contribute either a monthly or one-time gift towards this special appeal, please reply for details.  I am happy to facilitate getting grocery store vouchers to this needy family.  On behalf of the Israeli children you help – Todah!

-R. David Weisskopf, Chairman

Israel P.O. Box 33050 ~ Jerusalem 91330
U.S.A. 1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW ~ Suite 190-610 ~ Washington, DC 20004
Phone +1-847-230-4756


single parent grants said...

This post really touches my heart..Being a single parent the whole responsibility of the children is on shoulders of single person..Being financially strong is very mandatory thing in single parent life..I would also appeal to everyone to contribute in this special fund to help all needy children..

mazanga said...

FYI the single parent talked about in this article is me. as it stands now my disability check has been cut drastically and i can not afford rent food or clothing for my children. i have been in contact with the social services for the last 5 years and they refuse to do a thing to help my children. i fear that soon my children and i will be living on the street if i do not find help soon..

thank you for your comment

aimehaskett said...

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