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United Jewish Appeal Sponsors Torture

United Jewish Appeal Sponsors Torture
by mazanga,  UnPromisedLand channel editor

Jerusalem, 15 December 2011 -- R. David Weisskopf filed a $20 million lawsuit against the United Jewish Appeal yesterday in U.S. Federal Court. (Case No. 6:11-CV-668) The lawsuit alleges the United Jewish Appeal donated over one billion dollars to anti-father lobbyists such as Bar Ilan University’s “Rackman Institute” which aggressively pressures the Israeli Knesset to revive Social Darwinian laws against fathers.
Bar Ilan’s “Rackman Institute” sponsors conferences in which judges and social workers get "educated" about the benefits of visitation refusals, and encouraged to tear children away from fathers and break up family units.  According to the Coalition for Children and the Family in Israel, Bar Ilan’s findings are not based on any modern research which measures up to post-Social Darwin academic standards.

The complaint also identifies the Shiluv Institute as a recipient of funds from the United Jewish Appeal.  Shiluv Institute hires court-appointed social workers to provide “family therapy” as a pay-off for preferential treatment from city hall.  One Shiluv social worker who came out of Bar Ilan submitted false reports against Weisskopf to court in an effort to sever his parental rights.  In the process, this social worker destroyed Weisskopf’s career in child welfare and seriously traumatized his children.

One out of 75 divorced fathers commits suicide each year in Israel according to data from the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Health’s 2011 suicide report. Israel’s overall suicide rate is 1 in 20,000.
Internationally, the second highest suicide rate reported among men is 1 out of 1,600 in Lithuania according to the World Health Organization.  Last week the United Nations called on Israel to immediately stop its practice of torturing fathers and their children.

Israeli social workers like the one mentioned above simply refuse to place children into the father’s custody in cases even when the mother is mentally unstable.  According to such social workers’ illogical arguments, that would pull the carpet from the psychologically instable mother.  Furthermore, it goes against the “Tender Years” presumption which Bar Ilan’s Rackman Institute has been using United Jewish Appeal funds to solidify into Israeli law for years.

In the USA this is blatant gender-bias and can be grounds to revoke the 501(c)(3) status from the United Jewish Appeal for funding violations of the human rights for fathers like this.  Their connection with institutions like Shiluv and Bar Ilan links their fundraising headquarters in New York with international crimes against humanity in Jerusalem.  Weisskopf claims this link justifies a $20 million claim per count under the Alien Tort Claims Act.

Israeli victim’s rights advocates are joining forces with the Israeli father’s rights movement to stop the flow of donations to the crusade against fathers.  Perhaps if the Internal Revenue Service were to revoke the United Jewish Appeal’s 501(c)(3) status, and more victimized fathers were to file lawsuits in the United States under the Alien Tort Claims Act; the United Jewish Appeal might finally get the message – Stop torturing our children!


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