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The Searl Effect

The Searl Effect: Large-Scale Antigravity
56:43 - 4 years ago

Filmed in 1994 at the IFNE Conference in Denver, this hour-long presentation by John Searl describes the inner-workings of the infamous Searl-Effect Generator and IGV Propulsion System with photos, schematics, construction details, and a concise summary of 1960's testing that you simply can't afford to miss! John Searl is one of the most controversial figures in Anti gravity research, but since beginning his work in the 1940's, he's arguably become "the father of modern Anti gravity". His claim is simple: that after a childhood dream showing a rotating set of rollers on a metallic ring, he constructed a device called the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) that seems to produce massive Anti gravitational thrust. Searl is one of the cultural icons in the Anti gravity


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