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i read all you people on veterans day cut paste "support your vets". this divorced single father and 100% disabled veteran needs all your support badly. no one responds to a honest and a real plea for help. its easy to cut n paste bullshit....  and when i call u on it (cut & paste) i get deleted from your friends list, i get cursed out n told that i did nothing and to fuck myself...... i see how far you support disabled vets that served and get nothing in return. this disabled vet, father of 3 children has been fucked over for too long and is now made to beg people for help. i am sure 99% of you would not have any trouble in donating the price of a cup of coffee or the price of a burger to some one in need....
well my children and i  are the ones in need now and i am seriously ashamed that i have no other choice than to beg. my disability check has been cut drastically and i find it impossible to pay rent and feed my children. i beg of all who read this please donate !!!! but again its easier to cut paste n do nothing.......3000 "friends" almost 500,000 hits on my blog long hours of posting to amuse and educate the masses but u all seem to be in a world of your own, this pains me no end and makes me very sad. IF YOU CARE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS, FRIEND ME AND CUT PASTE IN YOUR STATUS, PLEASE DONATE. thank you who ever cares enough to read this and respond as a caring human, but i doubt that any of you will..... a.k.a mazanga.


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