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Donate help feed Mazanga & son.

 Donate help feed Mazanga & son.: Please help me to feed my children, my disability payments have been cut and i find it almost impossible to pay rent and buy food, i am ashamed of this fact and need all you good peoples help. I am a 100% disabled veteran, I was drafted during the 80's and have served 20+ years in various qualifications and skill levels in a special unit of the combat engineers.
Discovered after many years of incompetent doctor visits. I suffer from a body full of Fibromyalgia among other severe pain inducing conditions caused and aggravated by 20 years military service above and beyond all possible call. Today my life and I, are nothing to compare with how we once were, my body and mind have often betrayed me. As with many others that I had learned to trust, value and rely upon, I have been cheated, lied to, abused and let down by them all.
 Thank you one and all,
Mazanga Von Badman


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Please comment. After all the typing it would be great to get some feedback for my efforts. and if you cant be bothered to log in and comment anonymous spam, links or other bullshit will not be accepted .... not cool Thank you, Mazanga