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Vector Symbolism and its connection to space

"Veneration of the Vector" - NWO Vector Symbolism and its connection to space 

Uploaded by on Feb 23, 2011
"Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity."
Marshall McLuhan
In this video, we will take a closer look at the global infatuation that many space programs around the world seem to have with the "vector" symbol. I actually briefly discussed this particular subject matter publicly before in an on-camera interview I did a couple years back that appeared in the documentary film "Moon Rising" (directed by Jose Escamilla), so for those of you who have seen that film already, you will already be no doubt aware of some of the bizarre and blatant connections I am highlighting in this presentation here. There are a few new things I included that did not make it into "Moon Rising" though, so I hope you still enjoy watching my version of this evidence presentation.

While NASA of course plays front and center in this, their "meatball" insignia is far from the only example of official space program symbology that blatantly engages in this "vector worship", and it may surprise some people when they see how important those who really "run the show" here on planet Earth consider this design element to be.

This vector shape has long held tremendous secret symbolism for certain elite facets of our planet's population, with those "Powers That Be" covertly ensuring that the vector symbology would be globally emblematic of the most advanced and awe-inspiring of all human scientific exploratory endeavours - mankind's reconnaissance of the vast New Ocean above that we refer to as "space".

The Powers That Be employ this veneration of the vector, attaching variations of this symbology to their various space-related programs in particular, because those scientific/military efforts are typically recognized as being the highest-technology sectors any government has control of. The use of the vector is a way of symbolically demonstrating the global nature of the control they have over the population of this planet, in essence allowing them to flaunt the depth of their power (in this case, their control of this planet's highest levels of technical and scientific prowess) by using the symbolic connections that are blatant to anyone who cares to appreciate what they are looking at.

What this video demonstrates is that the magnitude of control these Powers possess goes well beyond "old world" methods of governance and transcends "petty" beliefs such as holding a nationalistic allegiance to a sovereign nation-state. It is not merely about the control the PTB have within individual countries and borders - it is about how the control the PTB have is already at a level today where those individual countries and borders are in the process of being removed in favor of a One World Government. They are comprised of the global scientific, political, economic, corporate and military elite, and their long-term goal is to control the population of this planet under a singular power.

This is not some theoretical conspiracy or a "still-in-the-planning-stages" concept of global control being touched on here. The New World Order already exists, and in many instances, their goal of a One World Government has already been covertly realized and is in place behind-the-scenes. The bulk of the public may not recognize or appreciate the somewhat obvious connections, and many people still fall for the "public record" version of history and the mass media propaganda interpretations designed to downplay this buildup and concentration of power, but there is no doubt it is occurring around the world. It would be foolish to ignore the ramifications this dramatic shift in control policy brings with it, as well as the corruption and capability to distort the truth it provides the PTB as well.

One thing you can be certain of - When talking about real world civilian/military space efforts or even science-fiction TV entertainment/propaganda, if the subject matter deals with the exploration of our universe, then the vector shape will be there to play its typically prominent symbolic role.

Here is the link to one of the NASA archive versions of the last image I used in this presentation, showing astronaut Joseph R. Tanner during an EVA with a vector-shaped object clearly visible in his visor reflection.




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