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Letter to the head of social services

Attn: Mr. **** *** *****

Urgent request for help

Dear Mr. *****,

At this point I really would like to remain anonymous for fear of more repercussions to me and what is left of my family.
I have recently contacted your office for help on a personal level; I was referred to the **** ***** office because of where I live.
I have had more than a few years of very bad interaction with your **** ***** office and its workers in **** *****. I was through your system during a divorce, the treatment my children and I received by the many various workers that so called “took care” of my case and said they cared was in the least shameful.
Sides were taken, favoritism was bluntly and rudely displayed by the social workers, they lied and looked the other way at every chance. The quasi psychological, psychiatric help that was court ordered with out my consent or knowledge, did nothing other than help try and brain wash the children.
The damage your **** ***** office and its social workers (that many have long been promoted) has done to what is left of my family will take years and years to repair, if that is even possible.

My request and problems are as follows:

I request to be given the opportunity for non bias treatment at any other office and with any other social worker that has had no affiliation to my past case. Or have a boss that has had any affiliation to my past case. That would mean no social workers that has been promoted to better jobs in other offices or manages another office that has had a hand in the near total destruction of my family.

My problem,
I am 100% disabled, unemployed for many years because of my disability, my son and I live together. I have now found after many years I need help, I make **** a month from **** *****. From that I need to pay all expenses I have found this impossible under the current conditions.

I send you this letter as a desperate call for help, I have waited this long out of fear of repercussions, but I no longer have any choice.

I thank you in advance for your kind attention,



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