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"?" Who am I - Introduction

"?" Who am I
Welcome all to my Blog. read on and enjoy a work in progress. After the intro I have posted a newly found letter to the Ministry of Health and other various "Doctors" that were "treating" me. Included were medical abstracts I gathered and gleaned for their enlightenment and the furthering of their medical knowledge. Needless to say they didn't like or appreciate it at all

My story
Today my life and I, are nothing to compare with how we once were, my body and mind have often betrayed me. As with many others that I had learned to trust, value and rely upon, I have been cheated, lied to, abused and let down by them all.
I am a disabled veteran, I was drafted in to the Israel Defense Force during the 80's and have served 20+ years in various qualifications and skill levels. During my many years of service in a special unit of the combat engineers. I was involved in many aspects of firearms, ballistics, explosives and demolition, to name just a few fortes among a repertoire of aquatic and dynamic entry skills.
Discovered after many years (15 +/-) of incompetent doctor visits and hundreds if not thousands of uncaring, self righteous doctors and $. I suffer from a body full of Fibromyalgia among other pain inducing conditions caused and aggravated by 20 years military service above and beyond all possible call.
The story is longer and gets more sinister as the plot thickens, but for that u will all need to wait until I can do more writing about what I have been through and where I want to go. I also have a ton of pages to load on my sniper section and this blog.
Hope u all enjoy what I have put down, for more check out my home pages.

Mazanga Von Badman
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mazanga said...

For the record, I do not have, have not ever had, and don’t plan to have, marijuana growing, or used, in or near my home or any other location familiar to me that I may or may not have access to. Any posting I make on any forums like this one are for purely entertainment purposes and anything other then this paragraph should not be considered truthful or reality based. Any pictures that I post have been created by artificial means from images gathered from, but not limited to, the World Wide Web.

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