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Letter to doctor 18/2/07

I have posted a newly found letter to the Ministry of Health and other various "Doctors" that were "treating" me. Included were medical abstracts I gathered and gleaned for their enlightenment and the furthering of their medical knowledge. Needless to say they didn't like or appreciate it at all. maz

To whom it may concern,

None of the document # 6 chemicals work, I have taken almost all the above and then some more not noted on the paper. All that the chemicals do is they make me sick as a dog! The chemicals side effects make all my symptoms much worse.

While the doctors are to busy telling me it's all in my head, or are too busy taking care of their other interests, it is downright torture what I have been going through all these years. With doctor's countless inconclusive tests, therapies, prodding, poking, chemicals and recently a few nasty boughts of withdrawals from FENTANIL and OXYCODONE just to name just a few.

I want to know what else I have to have done to me so that a real doctor and not some distracted bureaucrat will take my complaints, pains and this illness seriously. I have more than proved above and beyond any shadow of a doubt that I have been through it all. I will take no more abuse from the system that couldn't care less about my pain and the mental anguish that I and my family are going through because of it.

I have added for you printed medical data other journal information and abstracts about fibromyalgia, some pharmacology, marijuana, THC, other drug therapy's. The nasty chemicals that you make me take, they don’t work!

1) Fibromyalgia medical abstracts
2) Other Drugs and Therapy's abstracts and medical journals
3) THC and Fibromyalgia
6) Mt. Sinai Medical Center; Medications for Fibromyalgia (chemicals that I have taken that made me very sick.)

I seriously hope u will take as much time to reading and considering the facts as I have taken to research the issue for your knowledge and your enlightenment into what I have been going through all these long sleepless years of incredible pain and suffering.

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