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Gearth KML

This is a list of my kml files for Gearth. I used to post often, well until I was seriously harassed and threatened by anti israel mods and other racist users on the site. I complained to google and sought help from other organizations to no avail. One thing I can say they mt files are interesting.
Check em out !

Israel Golan Odem Mountain

Israel War Of Independence 1948 Overlay

Israel During The Macabees Kingdom 142bce Overlay

Israel South Mishor HaHof Cities & Towns

Israel Settlements In The Gaza Strip Feb92 Overlay

Israel Gush Dan Central Reading Power Station

Israel Gush Dan Tel Aviv Old Port

Israel Gush Dan Yafo Port

Israel Gush Dan Tel Aviv Marina

Re: King Herod's Second Temple Jerusalem Israelove

Re: Israel During David & Solomon 1077-993 bce Ove

Re: Israel During David & Solomon 1077-993 bce Ove

Israel During David & Solomon 1077-993 bce Ove

King Herod'sSecond Temple Jerusalem Israeloverlay

Beirut City Map 1980 Overlay

Israel Mishor Hahof Central Beaches & Tells

Lebanon Sidon 1912 Map Overlay

Israel Golan Heights Lake Keneret Rivers

Israel North Gallil Golan Border Lebanon cities

Israel North Gallil, Golan Cities & Towns

Israel Hermon North Border Syrias Cities

Syria Tel El Ahmed

Israel Golan Heights Mount Hermon

Israel Mazanga & Barrs Trip 2 Gearth Mount Hermon

Israel Golan Heigjhts - Bnot Yaakov Bailey Bridge

Israel Mt Hermon Ski School

Israel During King Herod overlay

Re: World Wide Panorama (updated^3)

Hertzliya Marina Israel

Ramat Hasharon Israel

Ha Kotel - Western Wall Israel


Petach Tikva Israel

Jericho junction israel

Re: Verano Restaurant

syrian earth grafiti in huge complex !!

Re: trenches

Re: A number of bugs and Q's

Re: 6 day war - Sinai

Re: Azriely Center,tel aviv

Re: trenches


Re: Imapct Crater with a diameter of 4.42 km

U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv Israel

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