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Letter to Doctors 08/09/06

The following is a letter sent to a specialist 08/09/06, the pain specialist i met with to that date just didn't care. I was at my wits end and had no idea what to do to help myself, or for that matter any idea how to ease the pain I was enduring 24/7.

Letter dated 08/09/06
My name is *** ****** I am (was) 42 years old and i live in Israel. for the last 15 years i have been having back problems and pains, i have come across the mount Sinai neurosurgery page on the web looking for a solution to my problem. Once while i visited NYC i went and saw a neurologist, his diagnosis was that I had degenerative disk disease.

Since then the pain has gotten seriously bad and now there are many things I can not do any more because of it. In addition approx 18 months ago Ii heard a violent crunching cartilage shredding noise in my right hip & thigh, since then I have been told I ripped a muscle and that's all. Me my back and hip area are seriously "out of balance" and so said the physiotherapist I am going to. I have been given pro-tenc machine and Duragesic patches for pain, but the patches makes me physically sick as was the case with Tramadex and all the other pillsI have been given.

I have been to all to many doctors here in Israel trying to isolate what is the problem and how do i fix it, how to get grips on the pain and the other strange things that are happening to my body because of the pressure on my spine.
I have a CT back (1999), MRI x 2 back & hip(2006), EMG x2 (2006) results and blood work. I would appreciate if i could send u the CD's of the CT & MRI(s) to take a look at and tell me what u can do to help me or what else you need. i know this all may sound very strange but i don't really know what else to do to help myself and my back pains are seriously affecting the way i live and raise my children.

CT results
*** ****** is suffering from long term back pain that radiates down to the legs, buzzing sensations in feet. lately feels buzzing down arms and shaking/trembling of the hands and feet. in the past he has been treated (I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED TREATMENT FROM ANY ORTHOPED OR OTHER DOC HERE IN ISRAEL) by orthopedist with CT 1999_ bulging disks c6-7 and l5-s1 on 20/6/05 he was checked by orthopedist at Bellinson hospital MRI was ordered from s1-d12. EMG was also done to arms and legs, EMG 14/7/05 mild lower limbs sensory neuropathy.,. mild rt CTS radiculopathy lt c5-c6,l5-s1. also suffers from vitamin b12 def.



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