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Phil Schneider - Area 51

1:12:55 3 years ago
This is one of the most outstanding stories, is it 100% true and factual? Phil Schneider was a real man and did a real job and died a real death. Indulge yourself and follow the links and follow his life story. I know it may be the strangest thing you have ever read but it is backed up by documents and lectures by the man.  

P.S. Short after thought this story would also connect to the Denver airport terminal that is reported to be one of a few main underground hubs built without the peoples knowledge and only for the bureaucratically approved elite to use. This is also connected to the Illuminati, NWO and The Masonic agendas.

Phil Schneider-covers a wide variety of topics including: Underground Military Bases, Alien Technology, Dulce, and missing elements from the Periodic Table.
The Phil Schneider Story:​.htm

Philip Schneider's life was certainly as controversial as his death. He was born on April 23, 1947 at Bethesda Navy Hospital. Philip's parents were Oscar and Sally Schneider. Oscar Schneider was a Captain in the United States Navy, worked in nuclear medicine and helped design the first nuclear submarines. Captain Schneider was also part of OPERATION CROSSROADS, which was responsible for the testing of nuclear weapons in the Pacific AT Bikini Island. In a lecture videotaped in May 1996, Philip Schneider claimed that his father, Captain Oscar Schneider, was also involved with the infamous "Philadelphia Experiment." In addition, Philip claimed to be an ex-government structural engineer who was involved in building underground military bases (DUMB) around the country, and to be one of only three people to survive the 1979 incident between the alien Grays and U.S. military forces at the Dulce underground base. Philip Schneider's ex-wife, Cynthia Drayer believes that Philip was murdered because he publicly revealed the truth about the U.S. government's involvement with UFOs.


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