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Constitution Class By: Michael Badnarik Part 1 of 7

Michael Badnarik Constitution Class Part 1 51:53 - 4 years ago
Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding who exactly the founding fathers of the United States were working for, and the reasons why a federal government was created after the revolutionary war on the land commonly known as the United States of America, Michael Badnarik gives a great presentation on what rights man and women are entitled to enjoy at the common law, how these were protected by the Constitution, and how, after 1933, this all changed. Now, default law is commercial, not civil, in nature, governed by international law of the sea. All property, even our bodies, are assumed to be under the control of a global banking government, governed by the Uniform Commercial Code. We are, by assumption considered to be slaves, "bound" by invisible contracts such as the use of paper banking currency of the private Federal Reserve debt servicing corporation, and the registration of our bodies with a Statement of Live Birth, receiving a Certificate of Live Birth and a Birth Certificate in return, possessory titles that do not entitle us to ownership of our body under the law which currently runs the planet.

In the early eighties Michael Badnarik started his career as a computer programmer at an Illinois nuclear power plant. For the past twenty years he has continued this professional course, but during this time he became interested and frustrated with politics. As a result, in 1983 Badnarik began studying the IRS and then the constitution. He had since condensed his 18 years of research into a short eight hour course that he would teach in a lecture format. It included some of the fundamentals on our rights and the foundations of our republic.
Michael Badnarik teaches a class on the Constitution. Follow his message of freedom, this is a MUST WATCH!!! Most of what you think you know about the United States is wrong. Think you own your Car? Think its your money? Why do we have to register your car and get plates? Think you own Your property? He explains the differences between rights and privileges.

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