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Roman Empire Rules Today - DVD 1 & 2

Roman Empire Rules Today DVD 1 1:51:27 - 2 years ago

Researched Based opinion on the New World Order. Birth of Holy Roman Empire and its Destruction in the last day at the hands of the Kingdom of God. Revelations Woman/whore = religious system merges with the beast = political system.
Roman Empire Rules Today DVD#2 1:22:27 - 2 years ago

Continues with an exploration into the Inquisition/Holocaust. Reagan, Pope, Knights Templar/Hospitallers/Malta. Red Cross. Irrefutable proof of the predictions in the book of Revelation regarding the beast and the whore, the secret cabal that rules the world behind puppet dictators and "leaders." KNOW YOUR HISTORY; HISTORY REPEATS, THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE: 1st REICH , 2nd REICH , 3rd REICH & NOW THE RISING 4TH REICH


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