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Nikola Tesla - Tesla Death Ray Reconstruction Postulate - Ebook

Tesla Death Ray Reconstruction Postulate - Ebook

The death ray or death beam was a theoretical particle beam or electromagnetic weapon of the 1920s through the 1930s that was claimed to have been invented independently by Nikola Tesla, Edwin R. Scott, Harry Grindell Matthews, and Graichen, as well as others. By 1957 the National Inventors Council was still issuing lists of needed military inventions that included a death ray. The concept was never put into action, but it fueled science fiction stories and led to the science fiction concept of the hand held ray gun used by fictional heroes such as Flash Gordon. Nikola Tesla claimed to have invented a death ray using what he termed "teleforce" in the 1930s and continued the claims up until his death.

Tesla had 3 objectives for his tower:
1.Worldwide wireless communication.
2.Worldwide transmission of electricity.
3.A shield to protect the U.S. from foreign invasion.

Tesla's wireless and communications system did not use Hertzian waves to broadcast but rather used the earth as a carrier for the electromagnetic and high frequency waves. Tesla was a man of peace and he envisioned using electricity as a shield to protect any nation from an invading force ...and thus end all wars... To accomplish this he designed a "peace ray" which the media quickly dubbed a "death ray".


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