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Documentary list U NEED TO SEE!! Files: 203 Total Size: 82.94GB

My Documentary list.
These Movies will change the way u look at your life and what part u really play in society.

Currently I am adding links to posts to these life changing documentaries on my blog, so u can learn and expand the way you look at the world as you know it today. I will try to find and blog each and every one on this list and any new ones that I see, also i will try to link torrents for you to download.

Watch and learn dont be a sheeple, comments would be great, thanks.


Hunting down! 
[Documentary] - From the Wilderness - The CIA Connection (Uncovering the Truth and Lies of 911) by Mike Ruppert (Xvid).avi
[Documentary]  JBS - United Nations - A Look Into The Future (High Res Divx).avi
[DVD 9] B - The corporation.avi
[Dvd3] B - Liberty Bound.avi
[Dvd3] C - Orwell Rolls In His Grave.avi
[Dvd4] D - Final Warning History Of The Nwo.avi
[Dvd6] B - The Un - A Look Into The Future.wmv
[DVD7] M - Rule by Secrecy -Jim Marrs- Hidden History Trilateral Freemasons.avi
[DVD7] N - PBS Commanding Heights Ep1 - The Battle of Ideas.avi
[DVD7] N - PBS Commanding Heights Ep2 - The Agony of Reform.avi
[DVD7] N - PBS Commanding Heights Ep3 - The New Rules of the Game.avi
[DVD8] E - The Freeman Perspective - CorporateLogos - Colombia Ep 1 - 2.avi
[DVD8] F - Despotis1946.mpg
[DVD8] J - Spin.avi
2012. Will The Anunnaki Return.By Zecharia Sitchin 2 hours video.avi
77 Ripple Effect.avi
911 - Building The World Trade Center Towers - Construction Documentary 1983 Film +Extras.avi
911 - Eyewitness.avi
911 - George Humphrey - End Game Of The Illuminati-1of2.wmv
911 - George Humphrey - End Game Of The Illuminati-2of2.wmv
911 - Gnn - Aftermath - Additional Interviews.avi
911 - Gnn - Aftermath - Live Panel.avi
911 - Gnn - Aftermath - Unanswered Questions Of 9-11.avi
911 - In Plane Site.avi
911 - Mysteries Com- Demolitions P1.avi
911 - Mysteries.avi
911 - Octopus Part Three - War Gaming And Conditioning.avi
911 - Secret Evi.wmv
911 - The Great Conspiracy-The News Special You Never Saw.avi
A Physicist Looks At Creation - Genesis One - Zola Levitt Presents.avi
Aaron Russo - America Freedom To Fascism.avi
Aids Hoax Ten Reasons Azt Killer.avi
Alex Jones Report - Bill H R 6166 End Of Constituon!!! (Read The Bill!!) Oct 2 06.wmv
alex jones report - michael badnarik.gvi
An American Revolution featuring Libertarian Michael Badnarik.gvi
Antisemitism In The 21st Century.avi
BBC - Human All Too Human - Heidegger.avi
BBC - Human All Too Human - Nietzsche.avi
BBC - Human All Too Human - Sartre.avi
BBC - Secret Rulers Of The World - David Icke, Lizards and Jews.wmv
BBC Documentary - Horizon - The Magic Weed - History of Cannabis Sativa - Marijuana.avi
BBC Horizon - Richard P Feynman - The Pleasure of Finding Things Out.avi the cutting edge dvd1 cd1.avi
Beyond the cutting edge dvd1 cd2.avi
Beyond the cutting edge dvd2 cd1.avi
Beyond the cutting edge dvd2 cd2.avi
Beyond the cutting edge dvd3 cd1.avi
Beyond the cutting edge dvd3 cd2.avi
Bible Code Ii - Apocalypse And Beyond.avi
Bill Moyers - The Secret GovernmentT.avi
Brainwashing - Gods of the New Age - Religion Exposed as a Fraud.avi
Carl Jung - Face to Face Professor Jung.mpg
Carl Jung - Jung on Film.avi
CBC - The CIAs Secret War.avi
CBC - The Denial Machine.avi
CBC - The Fifth Estate - Conspiracy theory.avi
CBC - The Origin of AIDS,Polio Vaccine-The Smoking Gun.mp4
Century Of The Self - Part 1of4 Happiness Machines.avi
Century Of The Self - Part 2of4 Engineering Consent.avi
Century Of The Self - Part 3of4 There Is Policeman Inside All Our Heads He Must Be Destroyed.avi
Century Of The Self - Part 4of4 Eight People Sipping Wine.avi
Christopher Dunn.Ancient Egyptian Technology The Giza Power Plant.2007.2h.avi
Clash Of The Geniuses- Inventing The Imopssible Nwo Lost.avi
Cocaine Cowboys.avi
Conscious Revolutions (Excelent!! Nwo).wmv
David Icke - From Prison To Paradise.avi
David Icke - May 01_xvid_mp3.avi
David Icke - May 02_xvid_mp3.avi
David Icke - Revelations Of A Mother Godess(A Wilder-Witness Of Shape Shifters).avi
David Icke - The Reptilian Agenda (With Shaman Credo Mutwa) Full 6h35min.avi
David Icke live at the Edge Media TV.avi
Deconstructing The Myth Of AIDS (Gary Null).avi
Dennis Weavers - Earthship.flv
Discovery The Lost Tomb Of Jesus.avi
Dr. Blaylock excytotoxins!.wmv
Eckhart Tolle - The Deepest Truth In Human Existance.avi
Equinox (Dec 1995) It Runs on Water - Free Energy - Overunity (50m18s) ConRes.mpg
Eric Jon Phelps - Vatican Assassins - The Ultimate Conspiracy.avi
Esoteric Agenda.2008.2h6m.avi
Evidence of Revision.ISO
Exodus Decoded (Excelent!!).avi
Federal Reserve System - The Truth On How It Works.wmv
Fior Sceal - Hothouse - Hammas Bomber Prisoner Interviews.avi
Global Governance-The Quiet War Against American Independence.avi
Gunner Palace - Iraq Conflict And Occupation.avi
In Lies We Trust - Len Horowitz 2007 - official release_xvid.avi
Introduction To Your Human Rights (Excelent!! 4 Canadians Especialy).avi
Iran Contra - Jack Brood Confronts North.wmv
Is This What Democracy Looks Like.avi
Jfk Speech About Secret Societies.avi
Joseph Newman - Cut The Cost Of Oil (The Energy Machine Of Joseph Newman).avi
Joseph Newman - Practicality Of Joseph Newman's Energy Machine.gvi
Judea Declares War On Germany.avi
Keith Olbermann On The Death Of Habeas Corpus In America - Wow !!!.wmv
Laurence Gardner.Lost Secrets Of The Ark.08.1h20m.avi
Lennon Assasination - Old News Coverage Gleaned Off Bad Video.avi
Liberty for Dummies (Open in Browser).swf
Life and Debt.avi
Lost Treasures Of The Ancient World - Jerusalem.avi
Marijuana Inc. Inside America's Pot Industry.avi
Megiddo I.The March to Armageddon.2007.2h16m.avi
Michael Badnarik - Constitution Class (1 of 7) DivX5.avi
Michael Badnarik - Constitution Class (2 of 7) DivX5.avi
Michael Badnarik - Constitution Class (3 of 7) DivX5.avi
Michael Badnarik - Constitution Class (4 of 7) DivX5.avi
Michael Badnarik - Constitution Class (5 of 7) DivX5.avi
Michael Badnarik - Constitution Class (6 of 7) DivX5.avi
Michael Badnarik - Constitution Class (7 of 7) DivX5.avi
Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Lit The World.avi
Nikola Tesla - Tom Bearden Talks Tesla (The Forgotten Works).avi
Nixon Tape Discurses Homosexuals at Bohemian Grove by K0v45t31n.AVI
Nova Ancient Refuge In The Holyland.avi
Obedience - The Milgram Experiment.avi
One Nation Under Siege.mp4
PBS American Experience - The Lobotomist (2008.HDTV.SoS).avi
Pbs Frontline - Israel's Next War.avi
PBS Frontline - The Medicated Child.avi
Phil Schneider - Area 51.rm
Phil Schneider - Aug 1995.rm
Phil Schneider - Google Search.htm
Phil Schneider - May 1995.rm
Phil Schneider - Nov 1995.rm
Pictures That Fooled The World - Yugoslavia.avi
Psychedelic - Amanita Muscaria - The Mushroom That Shaped The Universe (2000).avi
Psychiatry An Industry Of Death.avi
Psy-Ops - Funny Torture - Crazy Rulers Of The World.avi
quest.for.the.lost.tribes (EXCELENT!!).avi
Roman Empire Rules Today - DVD 1.avi
Roman Empire Rules Today - DVD 2.avi
Saddam Hussein - An Innocent Man.wmv
Sarah Seager.Lecture for Astronomy Exoplanets.2008.43m.avi
Satan-Let My People Go!.David J.Smith.1392.April.08.107m.wmv
Secret Rulers Of The World - Ruby Ridge.avi
Secret Rulers Of The World - Timothy Mcveigh.avi
Selling Sickness_LINKTV_08_12_2007_18_30_01.divx
Sodom And Gomorrah.avi
Stanley A. Meyer - Water Fuel Cell - The Safe Free Energy Conference - Einsiedeln Switzerland - 1989.avi
Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World Aspartime Poison!.avi
Talking to the Police_Ognir_(XviD).avi
THE 2012 PROPHECY & THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.Jose Arguelles.1h37m.wmv
The Corporation.avi
The Disclosure Project - National Press Club, May 9th 2001.avi
The Elvis Files [XviD].avi
The Eternal Jew - Der Ewige Jude - 1940 English.wmv
The Ground Truth After the Killing Ends .avi
The Illuminati 2 Of 4 Bush's Brotherhood Of Death.avi
The Iron Triangle - The Carlyle Group Exposed.avi
The Lightbringers - The Emissaries Of Jahbulon (History Of Freemasonry).wmv
The Pharaohs Army (Excelent!! Facist Nazi American Fedral Police).avi
The Power Of Nightmares 01 Baby Its Cold Outside.avi
The Power Of Nightmares 02 The Phantom Victory.avi
The Power Of Nightmares 03 The Shadows In The Cave.avi
The Professor of Freedom 2009-09-29 Your Government at Work KYCAPM_2009-09-29.mp3
The Real Face Of The European Union.wmv
The Ringworm Children - Dr Shiba! (Zionist Genocide Against Jews Using Radiation).avi
The Royal Rife Story (The Cancer Cure That Worked).avi
The Scottish Key.avi
The Secret Heartbeat Of America - Cia Drug Ops Conspiracy!! (Unaired Documentary).avi
The Soviet Story.avi
The THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY.Ancient Mysteries and Modern Freemasonry.2007.105m.wmv
The Worlds Greatest Conspiracy Theories (David Icke).mpg
Ufo - Are We Alone - Zecharia Sitchin (1992).avi
Ultimate Sniper -- Sniper Instructional CD1.mpg
Ultimate Sniper -- Sniper Instructional CD2.mpg
US Constitution.htm
Wilhelm Reich - Alone (10 Min  Home Recording).mp3
Wilhelm Reich - Cloudbuster.wmv
Wilhelm Reich - Man's Right To Know.avi
William Cooper - Secret Government.avi
Zacharia Sitchin - Are We Alone In The Universe.avi
Zecharia Sitchin - Sumarian Origins Of Humans.avi
Zeitgeist II - Addendum.avi


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