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My Fibromyalgia 3/21/07 6:34 AM

Original blog was posted Mar 21, '07 6:34 AM

hi to all, im new at this blog stuff so here i go.

i discovered i have fibromyalgia a few months ago.... i have been running it down for years and years (15), now it finally has a name.

it does explain 99% of the shit that has been bothering me for since i can remember. the funny thing is i went to a pain specialist in israel, the doc works in boston also so he should also know better, (you would think). i gave him my list of complaints pain here, back sticks there, leg kills me there there and there, tremors, buzzing sensation and a few other things that scream fibromyalgia to any one that knows or specializes in pain.

he says handing me back a CDROM..... " i dont know how to read this MRI stuff, but if i can give u a bit of advice... dont give a big list of aches, pains and other symptoms to doctors, it just confuses them". then he proceeded to give me a lumbar injection even though i didnt need it, and i am sure he knew it wouldnt help either.......

so in short, smoke marijuana! yes it will help better than any thing the "docs" can poison you with.

what ever you do just dont start with all those nasty chemicals they will try to get you hooked on with lies and fables. "these pills and patches are great and many people say they work"( just take it for 2 years and well need to switch you over to some thing more expensive).

well to make a long story short, i took em all and the withdrawals (9 days of something eating u from inside your bones) are seriously nasty, chemicals that even the most demented junkie will not have anything to do with.

got Q's ?

ask away, i did my research on the subject and have more knowledge and medical journal abstracts to share.


P.S. marijuana has also helped me stop smoking cigarettes, and that i thought i would never ever be able to do after being seriously addicted to tobacco for almost 30 years.


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