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The Life and Death of Wilhelm Reich

This perspective of Reich was written in 1962, only five years after his death. It summarizes Reich's life, his work, and his struggles with the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) culminating in his imprisonment and death.

In the beginning, pre-civilization it seems and definitely before humans had developed higher thought processes, there was Sigmund Freud. The guy has produced copious volumes of mostly BS that many college students in pastdecades have been forced to endure. As to Freud's credibility as a guide for others to live by, I have yet to see any photos of the guy where he wasn't looking incredibly depressed and sad. I can't imagine a worse person to listen to for the meaning of life, love, or to find the joy of living. Next there was Wilhelm Reich, a student of Freud.

Reich viewed Freud as being neurotic and the two men hardly got along. Reich discovered the connection between blocked sexuality and feelings, and the "muscular armoring" of modern "civilized" humans. Reich noted the tight jaws, shoulders, pelvises, the restricted breathing patterns, and the tension around the eyes of the patients he saw. Reich devised some techniques to help relieve the tensions, bring emotion, sexual feelings,and life back into the people who came to him. Reich also coined the phrase "genital character" to denote someone who was completely unblocked and sexually open. It turned out to be largely a "pie in the sky" ideal to be striven for, as it was an extremely elusive goal for his patients to reach.

I will be adding more interesting information about this man and topic in the future

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