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Contractor for BOEING has decided to Warn People.2010

The anomaly is confirmed. The object is artificial. Now we have confirmation...What is it??
StarViewerTeam Internacional 2010. StarViewerTeam International 2010.

Between 10:05:39 pm on March 19 and 11:42 pm, an anomaly is detected in LASCO C3 (One of the nodes Telescope SOHO).. The anomaly can be seen in the trace of an object, whose trajectory can be determined with the help of the Hubble STEREO Behind COR Node 1. For latrayectoria, displacement and object positions, we can determine that its size is similar to the size of Earth, and its speed, trajectory and relative positions are incompatible with any natural object. The object has been photographed from several different geographical locations, New Zealand, USA, Australia. AEO1 Bright Objects near the Sun. Bright Objects AEO1 near the Sun. AEO2 Starlike Objects with Anomalous Motions.AEX1 Objects Crossing the Face of the Sun. Objects with AEO2 Starlike Anomalous Objects Motions.AEX1 Crossing the Face of the Sun.
The turning of the stars bring a time when my secrets can give you immortality.
but when that time has passed, those fleeting minutes gone, the secret is worthless.
until once again the stars unlock its power.

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Post subject: Re: 2012 - Planet X, Geologically how much damage can we expect?
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NASA Images Earth Sized Spherical Objects Inside Corona of SUN

What you are seeing here is a "SOLID OBJECT" It's not compression artifacts, pixels or dust, who says so? NASA! on their official web site read on below

Important Update, a new video from Sandi and some new pictures

Below is the official NASA website Astronomy Picture of the Day, on the picture below you can see spheres passing by the Sun, the sphere is Mercury and it has an uncanny resemblance to the spheres Mr. Joseph Gurman of NASA dismissed as "Compression artifacts, highly magnified". It would suggest all the photo's below are images of solid objects and not, Compression artifacts, pixels or dust!

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2004 June 6
Click on image to enlarge
Mercury Spotting
Credit: SOHO - EIT Consortium, ESA, NASA
Explanation: Can you spot the planet? The diminutive disk of Mercury, the solar system's innermost planet, spent about five hours crossing in front of the enormous solar disk on 2003 May 7, as viewed from the general vicinity of planet Earth. The Sun was above the horizon during the entire transit for observers in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia, and the horizon was certainly no problem for the sun-staring SOHO spacecraft. Seen as a dark spot, Mercury progresses from left to right (top panel to bottom) in these four images from SOHO's extreme ultraviolet camera. The panels' false-colors correspond to different wavelengths in the extreme ultraviolet which highlight regions above the Sun's visible surface. This was the first of 14 transits of Mercury which will occur during the 21st century, but the next similar event will be a much more rare transit of Venus this coming Tuesday. Need help spotting Mercury? Just click on the picture.
Astronomy Picture of the day

Who are NASA trying to kid? Here are two NASA SOHO images of the Sun taken yesterday, one at 23:24 and one at 23:44, did the sun suddenly flip over?


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