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A request to my internet family!! please take the time and read this

NON Profit Organization for Medical Marijuana in Israel

A request to my internet family,

I am looking for people around the world with experience and talent to help with the various issues connected to the web presence for the NON Profit Organization for Medical Marijuana in Israel. The charity is to help the sick and needy and not for personal gain, be assured it is for a good cause.
We need artists, designers, web geeks an others to help get the new charity's web presence up and running. If you are an artist, free thinker or any of the above we can use your help with graphics, code and other issues associated with the over all internet presence that I may not be aware of or have overlooked. If you want to help, mail my Facebook account with your personal talents and what you think you can do to help the cause.

Where you live and what language you speak or what god you pray to has nothing to do with the cause or issue of medical marijuana for the sick.

This is your chance to make a difference in some ones life, take a stand for what is correct!

All suggestions and all forms of help are welcome,



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