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The Secret Rulers of The World #2 David Icke The Lizards and The Jews

David Icke, The Lizards and The Jews 48:54 - 4 years ago
Aired date: Sun, May 6, 2001

Plot: Jon Ronson follows David Icke as he promotes his theory that "the elite are genetically descended from a race of 12 foot, blood drinking, shape shifting lizards". During the film Icke is accused in Canada of antisemitism. Ronson questions whether Icke literally means lizards, as he steadfastly maintains, or whether the reptilians are a coded reference to Jews, which Icke denies adamantly. At the end of the documentary, it is shown that one of the members of the Anarchist organization who is used as a main presenter of the idea that David Icke is an anti-Semite finally reads the book written by David and admits himself that David Icke obviously means Reptiles and can't justly be claimed as an anti-Semite.


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