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Letter #3 to POS lawyer #4

A year ago approximately I appointed you to take care of my interests in all   matters and proceedings concerning my disease. You were highly recommended by Dorit my lawyer who then persuaded me that you were the most able to succeed. You asked $$$$$ +blood money XXX in fees.
      I was reluctant having giving my trust to a previous lawyer who took fees without giving services...
       My situation then: a crippling condition which left me unable to work, to walk, to tend my house, but despite of it, was not fully recognized.
I have no other income except the minimal help from the xxxxx xxxx, I used all the money I had, to pay your fees and those of xxxxx. A year later nothing changed except, that after paying a years rent I will have nothing left and my physical condition continues to degrade.
        You accomplished nothing, you haven’t even shown the slightest evidence of progress, I have doubts that you even sent letters to any administration and a phone conversation that I had with you showed me that you didn't even care to read any of the kg of papers I sent to your office. I still wait for their return after a year.
You don't return my calls or messages, what did you do for $$$$$$ + blood money?
I say all u did is collect it, I have seen nothing else. And your secretary has the nerve to demand $$ for paperwork.
          I remind you again what you were paid to act on my behalf on.
xxxxxxxxxx: Getting me a hearing for my disability along with a parking permit, a house helper, subsidized vehicle, specialized care, the additional money for my disability allowance and all other benefits that they offer for disabled moneyless suffering people like me.
I.D.F: Getting the injuries I had received during my military service recognized along with their health consequences, settling the various issues related to the military disability. I have received from your office 3 papers that state nothing.

Insurance matters: All issues related to my disability, getting the insurance claim that the insurance company has not paid me in 14 + years. My questions on stopping payment of the premiums that I have been paying and can no longer afford remain unanswered.
In a year you were not even able to get me an appointment with XXXXX XXXXX board for the additional  benefits and conditions offered to me for my disability. People without the “help” of a lawyer get it generally in six months. Dumb I was to think that you'll speed up the procedure, just like the last lawyer that did nothing he was paid for.
   A week ago I was forced to ask for urgent help from the town social services for food, (I have reached the point where I need help to buy food because my lawyers have all my money, not that they even care. I am sure you are eating well, and taking flights out of Israel and enjoying yourself with my money but as of yet I have seen nothing)

The social worker asked for the following documents:
         -protocol of the XXXXX XXXX
         -proof that I receive an allowance from XXXXX XXXX
         -proof that I didn't work since my last accident (1996)
         -proof that I'm disabled.
The social worker also made me sign a document for disclosure of personal medical information which I didn’t like the idea of, but she assured me that she could retrieve the protocol quickly, that seems to be better than my over priced lawyer who I see has done nothing so far.
In addition, you were supposed to give me back all my medical documents that I need for doctors visits after making copies of them. That was eight+ months ago, I am still waiting.

You told me that that you were not able to find any contact information for my former lawyer (the one I told you stole my money and did nothing, he was supposed to be different to you) it took me all of 30 min on the internet and a few telephone calls to find him.
As you see I'm more disappointed and disgusted by your “services” or the absence of, or is it up to the client to ride and remind his “lawyer” what he was appointed and paid to do?
What made me deserve your lack of professional standards?
Didn't I pay your fee in full and in cash?
Would you have felt different if I argued with you about it all?
What makes other clients worth your efforts?
I'm sure they exist otherwise XXXXX wouldn't have recommend you, but even of that I am not sure. Or do you ignore them all as you seem not to have the time for me, even though I am paid in full. You are the one that owes me at this point, and I will remind you again that you are accountable for your service and for the third time you owe me.

I demand that you send me a list of all the proceedings in progress and where they stand; I believe and trust no one especially so called lawyers any more.

Totally disgusted and disappointed,



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