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The Secret Rulers Of The World #4 The Satanic Shadowy Elite?

The Satanic Shadowy Elite 48:57 - 2 years ago 
Aired date: Sun, May 20, 2001

Plot: Jon Ronson follows conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones as he attempts to infiltrate the annual gathering of dignitaries and business leaders (reportedly including George Bush and Henry Kissinger) at Bohemian Grove, California. The film includes footage of attendees dressed in robes and burning an effigy at the foot of a giant stone owl. Jones believes that the ceremony is related to occult secret societies. After the event, Ronson meets comedy actor and fellow attendee Harry Shearer who describes the event as a glorified fraternity party. Shearer largely dismisses Jones's dramatic retelling of the gathering and notes that the music is supplied by The Symphony Orchestra of San Francisco


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