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Letter #2 to Lawyer!

A bit more than a year ago I appointed you to take care of my interests in the various legal cases opposing me to my ex wife, the important points were:
                -the definitive custody of my son **** (my only child who has not been alienated from me by his mother and who is still balanced and well adjusted despite all what he went through).
                 -the rights of visit over my two daughters (I still have no contacts whatsoever with Dana and Lilach has discontinued hers when I have refused to participate in her lies and manipulations )
                 -the supervision of the education of my daughter Lilach (I'm very concerned by the degradation of her behavior (truancy, petty larceny, alcoholism, auto mutilation, etc
                 -the financial settlement after the selling of the family house.
                 -the question of the unfair child support granted to my ex.

To carry through these action you asked me X for fees, and I paid in full, in cash!
Since then the custody of **** have been granted to me TEMPORARILY not so much because of your proceedings but because of the defection of his mother (she has been out of the country for months and will be going again very soon) and entrusting my son to his aunt was clearly unrealistic. During this time in my custody **** has regained his balance, he is living a regular life, has social interactions with his fellow pupils, and with the families of my circle of friends, has improved his school grades, sleeps and eat better and in a word is happier.

Now my ex wife is carrying another offensive:

She came back from the Philippines ago after living there in luxury hotels on the account of public charity. To maintain her life standards (new car, new clothes etc) she is scraping what she can, she is asking for half of my sum left after the selling of our house.
And she's again using **** as a bargaining chip to have more; she has told me many times “You better accept otherwise... I will sue you in court again and force **** to come back) **** is also still made to hear nasty remarks from all connected to my ex wifes house hold (....”bastard”, “jackass”, “we will never talk to him again” and endless other chains of garbage which do him NO good!).
I phoned and smsed you several times to report the recent developments you don’t return my calls, I see no actions taking place on my behalf whats so ever. Meanwhile I'm sure that my ex wife is not losing time looking for more ways to make my life a living hell.
 I'm greatly disappointed about the way you are dealing with me and my problems. I never discussed your fees despite my financial situation and you have been far from volunteering, I find myself asking again, am I stupid to give you my trust, I think that I deserved more responsible and thorough treatment and notifications. But in a year almost nothing has been done and I fear for my son: what would happen to him if he was returning to this atmosphere of hysteria and emotional blackmail and total alienation and denial of the true fact.

And for me if nothing is being done I'm going to be dispossessed of the last remnant of my money. How am I going to live?  I remind you again that I have only a pension for disability ****. To add to the situation the lawyer YOU advised me to employ for taking care of my insurance matters isn't doing anything either. He even didn't take accurately the in formations I gave him and funny enough doesnt return calls either.
I wouldn't like to qualify these behaviors as unethical, immoral, how else would you call a so called professional who is collecting very comfortable fees but deliver no service or drags it out to the point of hopelessness?
I seriously hope that it is a misunderstanding, or an undervaluation of the situation, my SOS having not been properly reported.

Nonetheless I keep asking myself what make some other clients deserving of attention I'm deprived of, I have paid in full but get no service or replies to my calls or faxes.

In conclusion I ask you to send me an accurate report of the accomplished proceedings and of the ones which are in progress and where they all stand. That includes all the faxes I have sent to you in the past and that are still unanswered.


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